Virgin Social Media Marathon

We were delighted to take part in the second Virgin Social Marathon on Wednesday this week.  This time Virgin companies from around the world got together in their respective countries to share our First Times   on all our social channels. We even had a special First Times app created which you can still visit now to view you and your friends’ first times together, whether it be the first photo you were tagged in together, or the first event you both attended. You can also learn lots more about the Virgin family dating back to 1974!

The marathon began with Virgin in Australia, and then continued its journey in the UK and South Africa, where Virgin company social teams took part for nine hours before handing the baton over to the Virgin teams in the United States. 

Everyone from Virgin Atlantic to Virgin Media took part, with different activities throughout the day to keep everybody excited!  The brave Alex Ferguson from Virgin Balloons embarked upon a mammoth 50 challenges - each one his first time, in order to raise money for Virgin Unite - this included leg waxing, swimming in the Serpentine and eating jellied eels (you can watch videos capturing Alex’s challenges here).


Throughout the Marathon Virgin gave away a goodie bag an hour - many of which included yearly Virgin Digital Help subscriptions - congratulations to all the prize winners. We look forward to joining Virgin again for the next Social Marathon. In the meantime, make sure you keep up to date with what we’re doing on Facebook and Twitter.