Twitter Tips for avoiding spam

We were delighted to be featured on Leader Post this week, with our article on protecting yourself from spam on Twitter.  Take a look:

Twitter continues to be a breeding ground for cybercriminals. Just this week a wave of twitter spam emerged which infected 500+ Twitter accounts in just hours, a media release from Virgin Group says. These tweets were designed to look like helpful links to check for viruses and spyware. Instead, victims were forced to install spyware that stole their personal data while hijacking their Twitter accounts to push more spam out to their followers.

Virgin Group’s new Virgin Digital Help service offers the following tips:

You account has been hijacked when:

1. Tweets you didn’t post appear on your profile;

2. There’s a drastic change in your number of followers;

3. You get an email from Twitter notifying you of account changes you didn’t make.

If you encounter any of the above:

1. Change your password;

2. Check the “Applications Tab” under your account settings and revoke any unrecognized third-party apps;

3. Delete any unauthorized tweets and scan your computer with a TRUSTED antivirus vendor ( is a free option)

To defend against such attacks:

1. Don’t click on links in Tweets and DMs from people you don’t normally interact with;

2. If a link in a Tweet or DM is simply too irresistible (“Is this you in this photo?”), discard it;

3. Make sure your security software is up to date.

VDH: Here to Help

Here at VDH we’re available to help you 24/7.  No matter whether you turn your computer in the morning and are faced with the blue screen of death, or if you’re stuck trying to get your smartphone working at 3am, we’re here to help, in a way that suits you.  

There’s a number of different ways that you can get in contact with us, including through our live chat service, by phone, or if you’ve got a remote code we can access your computer directly, and help you get to the root cause of the problem. 

We’ll do all this with a smile on our faces, because we know that you don’t like it when your tech doesn’t work, and we want to help. 

Our champs will diagnose your problem, offer an easy solution, and then fix your problem remotely - meaning you don’t need to do anything at all. If for some reason our champs can’t fix your problem remotely, we’ll send out one of our friendly local service team to come and fix it at your house instead. If you just need some general advice, feel free to ask our social media team, @virgindigihelp on Twitter or on Facebook

Finally, if you’re just looking for some more tips about how to become a tech pro, check out our Tumblr.  Hey, we’re allowed one free plug, right?! 

We cover all of the following: PC and laptop problems, internet and wifi, email problems, printers and cameras, smartphones and tablets and other digital stuff including MP3 players and game consoles.  For full details of tech we cover, click here. If you just want to get help now, ring this number:   1.866.805.2448 (US) / 0800 107 1175  (UK). 

Setting up your new iPad

 When you get a new iPad, you might want to sync it with your other Apple devices.  In this article we aim to show you how - and also explain how the iCloud works, so you can transfer your data seamlessly between devices.  


                                      <Image courtesy of Topicsites>

The first thing you need to do when you get a new Apple device is ensure that all your Apple devices are upgraded to iOS5.  This is really easy - simply connect your device to a computer, open iTunes and upgrade the device to the latest operating system. 


                                      <Image courtesy of Topicsites>

If your device is brand new you will then be automatically prompted to set up iCloud. If not, open settings and then iCloud to be taken to the same screen. iCloud is an online service which allows users to store data such as documents, calendars, emails etc securely. 

Once you’re set up you can then choose which parts of your device you want to back up in the iCloud, be that photos, music, emails etc. This allows you to sort your most important documents and applications and ensure your iPad doesn’t become full up too quickly. 


                                      <Image courtesy of GigaOm>

As well as iCloud you will also be prompted to set up your iTunes account so you can download apps for your device. iTunes will prompt you to set up an Apple ID which is straightforward, after which you will be prompted to name your iPad! Now that you’re all set up you can manage your iPad directly from iTunes, including downloading new TV programmes, music and films. You can also download media from the iPad itself by visiting the iTunes store, which will ask for your Apple ID and password so you can browse the iTunes collection. 

We hope this guide was useful, and happy playing!

‘Virgin Digital Help’ to Help Consumers Conquer “Digital Stress”

Virgin Launches New Personal Tech Support in the US

New York – March 5, 2012 – We love our digital lifestyles, but sometimes the stress of dealing with technology that is confusing or failure-prone is just too much. That’s why  Virgin, today, announced a new service, Virgin Digital Help, to support the growing number of US consumers who feel overwhelmed by the ‘digital stress’ associated with their increasingly complex digital lifestyles.

Already enjoying rapid growth in the UK, Virgin Digital Help is a personal tech-support service brought to you by the same trusted brand behind companies like Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Mobile. The new service is available to anyone in the US who wants to save time and the aggravation of fixing web and email issues, computers, smartphones, viruses– anything digital. From just $30 per fix to $15 per month for ongoing service plans, Virgin Digital Help can save time and distress, 24/7.

“No one likes it when computers, iPads or phones won’t do the things you want,” said Sir Richard Branson. “You can either spend a lot of time trying to solve it, or call Virgin Digital Help and get a quick and stress-free fix.”

According to Virgin Digital Help’s research, 66 percent of consumers feel they spend too much time either trying to fix tech-related issues themselves or waiting for help. Meanwhile, 24 percent are too overwhelmed to get the issue resolved at all. By offering a range of personal tech-support services, Virgin Digital Help is able to resolve the amount of digital fatigue experienced by consumers everywhere.
“It’s an exciting time for Virgin Digital Help as we continue to challenge the way consumers view technical-support,” said Mustafa Khanbhai, co-founder and Director of Virgin Digital Help. “Many of our customers in the UK even turn to us when at work to save time from waiting on IT. We expect US users will similarly come to embrace Virgin Digital Help as a can’t-live-without-it lifesaver.”

Virgin Digital Help offers highly trained expert technicians 24/7 to provide remote assistance over the telephone, through live and automated chat sessions, via email or a combination of these services. Technical experts, known as Virgin Digital Help’s Champs, leverage support tools to analyze, diagnose and resolve 90 percent of the problems that come their way, the first time.
Anyone experiencing technical issues can call 1-866-805-2448 or visit to learn more.

VDH now has a gorgeous new US site!

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our brand new US website!

Our new site aims to help you with your unruly tech stuff fast. Whether that’s your smartphone, your computer, your email or your PS3, our team have got the answers.

If you live in the US, you can get in touch with our team in two ways. Give us a call day or night on our 24-hour number 1.886.805.2448, where one of our friendly team will be on hand to guide you through fixing the problem. Or you can talk with one of the team online in our live chat. Not only that, keep up to date with the latest tech news and tips on Facebook and Twitter.

We can’t wait to be able to help with your queries!

This week: Top iPhone Tips

Here at VDH we know that there is nothing more frustrating than when you desperately need to make that very important phone call and your mobile phone starts to play up, or when you need to check your work emails and your battery suddenly dies. 

This week, to help you overcome these everyday annoyances, we will be investigating the public’s top iPhone grievances. Every day we will be posting one iPhone related query to the blog, alongside our top tips to help fix these problems. 


•  Zoe: I recently received a new iPhone after my old one broke, is there any way that I can restore my old settings onto my new phone?


• We encourage everyone to back their iPhones up on a daily basis using their computer, as this will guarantee that a copy of everything on the phone is saved, including pictures, music, contacts etc. This action will also keep your phone running smoothly, prompting you on a regular basis to download Apple’s latest software settings. 

• Transferring old iPhone settings to a new iPhone is a breeze when all your information is backed up, all you need to do is plug your iPhone into your computer and voila, iTunes will automatically sync to the last back up. This means that your new phone will now contain the exact same settings, apps, and even restore all your pictures!

PC Mate Explained

 When you have tech problems with your computer, we discovered that 30% of you ask a friend or search online to help you find a solution.

                   PC Mate

Taking this into consideration, we developed PC Mate - your dedicated PC guide to all those niggling issues that can go wrong with your computer. What’s more, PC Mate is completely free (the best part of having a mate, surely?!), and there’s many different ways your virtual mate can help you out every day.

Firstly, PC Mate provides ‘Speed Up’, which removes all the junk from your computer and gets it running really smoothly.

Secondly, PC Mate helps you squish unwanted viruses, with help from our anti-virus specialists AVG.

There are also excellent tips on how to get your browser working more efficiently, and how to make your PC more green.

Finally, and most importantly, when you install PC Mate, you are given access to advice from a real life person - direct from your desktop with our live chat, 24/7.

So, if at 3am you find yourself desperately struggling with something and would rather be in bed, just fire up PC Mate and one of our champs will be on hand to look at your problem, and, if necessary, access your desktop remotely - taking all your stress away!

If you’d like to know about how PC Mate works, we also provide the technical details, helping you to learn as you go.

You can download PC Mate directly from this link