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Top Five from CES

Last week saw 3,100 companies descend on Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012, one of the world’s most venerated expos for new tech, gadgets and other assorted electrical wizardry that set tech press tongues wagging and filled a million Christmas lists 12 months in advance. 

In total, over 20,000 products were showcased. We’ve been following the announcements closely, and have put together a quick roundup of what we think are the five coolest pieces of kit announced this year. 

Razer ‘Project Fiona’ Gaming Tablet 



(Image: Technabob)

This 10.1 inch Windows tablet is currently a prototype, however reports from CES seem to suggest that it’s not too far from completion. Essentially, Project Fiona is a tablet built to play games. The analogue controllers stuck to the edges solve a lot of the problems of tablet gaming, and while the specs are a closely guarded secret, it’s clearly capable of playing graphic rich games with ease. 

Question marks over battery life and upgrades aside, we’re very excited about Project Fiona’s fabulous tech and practical common sense. One to watch in 2012. 

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