We’ve received a clue!

We’re getting closer to the truth, thanks to all your expert help. We really couldn’t do it without you - so thanks.  We’ve just received the following clue from the thief, sent over email.  It’s a piece of Richard’s diary, but we need your assistance deciphering the code. Can you help us? If you’ve got the answer, head over to Facebook and visit our app - kindly designed by our in house technicians so we can work together and catch the rogue. 

Richard’s diary has gone missing!

Oh no! We’ve just had reports from Virgin Head Office that Richard Branson’s diary has been stolen! We can only imagine what must be going through his head right now - all his business secrets, Facebook logins, private memories, stolen by some crook!

We need your help in order to be able to find the culprit, and to make sure they’re punished! Keep your eyes on our Facebook page throughout today - we’ve heard that the thief might post some clues, so we’d be very grateful if you could be our eyes and ears. Take a look at what Richard has to say:

Together we’ll find this rascal!

VDH Virus Guide

Introduction to Virus Guide

At VDH we receive an awful lot of requests for help. This covers all sorts of areas, from setting up new computers to recovering deleted files. However, one issue crops up again and again for people in need of our expert assistance: computer virus prevention and cure.

It is for this reason that we’ve written the VDH Virus Guide, the first in a series of guides that we’ll be publishing to help tech users come to grips with their devices and avoid any pitfalls that come hand in hand with their usage.

The VDH Virus Guide will cover common issues, including:

  •          Rogue Antivirus
  •          iGoogle page redirection
  •          Facebook clickjacking
  •          QR Codes
  •          Digital currency
  •          Fake apps on Google Play
  •          Pharmacy discount sites
  •          Twitter spam
  •          Zero Access Virus

Each week, we’ll be posting new sections of the guide for you to refer to whenever you have problems with malware or viruses on your computer, so stay tuned.

If you have any additional questions, or areas you think we should cover, just let us know over on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!

Summer is here!

The sun has got his hat on! In this weather, you want to get out of the house, hit the beach, relax in the park, dance the night away at festivals and generally shake off all of the remaining winter blues. Getting out into the sun presents a few extra challenges with your tech. The beach, for example,  is full of hazards for your camera, tablet or MP3 player. Sea, sand and sun may be great for you, but they aren’t necessarily the best for your treasured gadgets. 

Below, we’ve listed a few of our favourite pieces of summer tech to make your time in the sun even better. Enjoy!

Waterproof camera 

When you’re by the beach, in the park or by the pool, you want your camera at the ready so you can look back on winter and remember just how fun summer is. However, where there’s water, there’s danger for your gadgets. 

The Olympus TG-310 removes this danger. Waterproof to a depth of 3m,  able to take a drop of 1.5m and made to withstand temperatures as low as -10c, the TG-310 is your perfect poolside companion. 

Available for around £100, it has 14 megapixels, a 3.6x optical zoom and all sorts of effects to play with. A great buy for summer. 

The X-Mini II Portable Speaker

While the portable speaker market is a crowded one, we’re constantly amazed by the X-Mini II. In terms of price it can’t really be touched. £13-£20 will buy you a speaker that charges by USB, lasts for hours, has surprisingly good bass and is great for playing music in the park. 

Where the X-Mini II gets even better is its ability to daisychain. Buy two or more of the speakers and you can hook them up, effectively doubling the volume without compromising on sound quality. 

Yes, there are better quality speakers out there – though the build of the X-Mini II is very solid – however for this money you’d be mad to miss it. 

Kindle 3

The Kindle is perhaps an obvious choice here, but it’s not just one of our favourite pieces of summer kit, it’s one of our favourites year-round. The £89 version will give you a 6” screen, let you store around 1,400 books at any one time and a full battery charge will last up to a month. 

The fact that you don’t need to cram your suitcase with books for the beach means the Kindle is ideal for taking on holiday, and the crystal clear E Ink display is impervious to glare from the sun, meaning you can read your Kindle in all conditions. 

Solio Universal solar charger

If you’re out in the great outdoors for a whole day, you’re unlikely to see any power outlets. This means your phone, MP3 player or camera batteries are more than likely to die on you, leaving you without music, photos or – more seriously – any means to call anyone in an emergency. 

In steps the Solio Universal solar charger. Its award winning design makes it light enough to carry around with you anywhere, it’s durable, weather resistant and an hour of sunshine will give you an hour’s worth of playback or ten minutes of talk time. You’ll never need to worry about your battery letting you down again. 

Life without Richard Branson

Our friends over at Virgin shared this great Forbes infographic recently, and we thought we’d pass it on to you. It’s an illustration of a few of the great things Richard Branson’s been up to over the years, and a glimpse at what life would have been like without him.

In addition, Richard recently took part in Ask Richard, an opportunity for anyone to ask him pretty much anything theyliked. Topics covered everything from business to Richard’s favourite meal, and were asked across Twitter, Google+ and on a Google Hangout.

You can view the questions, answers and video from Ask Richard here.

‘Virgin Digital Help’ to Help Consumers Conquer “Digital Stress”

Virgin Launches New Personal Tech Support in the US

New York – March 5, 2012 – We love our digital lifestyles, but sometimes the stress of dealing with technology that is confusing or failure-prone is just too much. That’s why  Virgin, today, announced a new service, Virgin Digital Help, to support the growing number of US consumers who feel overwhelmed by the ‘digital stress’ associated with their increasingly complex digital lifestyles.

Already enjoying rapid growth in the UK, Virgin Digital Help is a personal tech-support service brought to you by the same trusted brand behind companies like Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Mobile. The new service is available to anyone in the US who wants to save time and the aggravation of fixing web and email issues, computers, smartphones, viruses– anything digital. From just $30 per fix to $15 per month for ongoing service plans, Virgin Digital Help can save time and distress, 24/7.

“No one likes it when computers, iPads or phones won’t do the things you want,” said Sir Richard Branson. “You can either spend a lot of time trying to solve it, or call Virgin Digital Help and get a quick and stress-free fix.”

According to Virgin Digital Help’s research, 66 percent of consumers feel they spend too much time either trying to fix tech-related issues themselves or waiting for help. Meanwhile, 24 percent are too overwhelmed to get the issue resolved at all. By offering a range of personal tech-support services, Virgin Digital Help is able to resolve the amount of digital fatigue experienced by consumers everywhere.
“It’s an exciting time for Virgin Digital Help as we continue to challenge the way consumers view technical-support,” said Mustafa Khanbhai, co-founder and Director of Virgin Digital Help. “Many of our customers in the UK even turn to us when at work to save time from waiting on IT. We expect US users will similarly come to embrace Virgin Digital Help as a can’t-live-without-it lifesaver.”

Virgin Digital Help offers highly trained expert technicians 24/7 to provide remote assistance over the telephone, through live and automated chat sessions, via email or a combination of these services. Technical experts, known as Virgin Digital Help’s Champs, leverage support tools to analyze, diagnose and resolve 90 percent of the problems that come their way, the first time.
Anyone experiencing technical issues can call 1-866-805-2448 or visit www.virgindigitalhelp.com to learn more.

Virgin Social Media Marathon

We were delighted to take part in the second Virgin Social Marathon on Wednesday this week.  This time Virgin companies from around the world got together in their respective countries to share our First Times   on all our social channels. We even had a special First Times app created which you can still visit now to view you and your friends’ first times together, whether it be the first photo you were tagged in together, or the first event you both attended. You can also learn lots more about the Virgin family dating back to 1974!

The marathon began with Virgin in Australia, and then continued its journey in the UK and South Africa, where Virgin company social teams took part for nine hours before handing the baton over to the Virgin teams in the United States. 

Everyone from Virgin Atlantic to Virgin Media took part, with different activities throughout the day to keep everybody excited!  The brave Alex Ferguson from Virgin Balloons embarked upon a mammoth 50 challenges - each one his first time, in order to raise money for Virgin Unite - this included leg waxing, swimming in the Serpentine and eating jellied eels (you can watch videos capturing Alex’s challenges here).


Throughout the Marathon Virgin gave away a goodie bag an hour - many of which included yearly Virgin Digital Help subscriptions - congratulations to all the prize winners. We look forward to joining Virgin again for the next Social Marathon. In the meantime, make sure you keep up to date with what we’re doing on Facebook and Twitter.