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Our guide to uploading photos from your phone to computer

Many people now use their mobile phone as their camera too. If you have pictures on your phone, but aren’t sure how to upload them to your computer, look no further. Here is our easy step-by-step guide to uploading pictures from your mobile phone to a computer.

You may think “why would I need to upload photos to my computer when I have them all on my mobile?”  It is useful to transfer your pictures to your computer at regular intervals, otherwise your phone memory may become full. When the time comes for you to take a picture, you might not be able to do so, and nobody wants that to happen! Having too many photographs on your mobile may also unnecessarily slow it down. So when you upload pictures to your PC or Mac, you can clear your memory card on your mobile and have plenty of room to take many more pictures. This also gives you peace of mind, knowing that all of your pictures are saved in your computer, creating a backup if you ever lose or damage your phone. 

For iPhone users using a Mac 

Transferring photos from your iPhone to your computer is very much the same process to whether you have a PC or Mac.

To get started, you will need your iPhone, a USB cable (one should come with your phone) and a computer to plug it into. To transfer your images to Mac, plug your iPhone into your Mac, launch Preview, and from the file menu navigate down and select ‘import from iPhone.’ Select all,  or individually select the photos you want to transfer and click ‘import.’ Once these have been imported you can look at your photos by going to /Pictures/folder, and the pictures copied from Iphone should be there. You can then arrange into albums as you see fit!

For iPhone users using a PC

One of the first things to do after purchasing your iPhone is to register using iTunes. Once you have done that, your iphone will automatically be ‘synced’ with your PC. This means every time you sync, content is mirrored between your iPhone and computer to reflect new, updated or deleted content and in this case, photos. Make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes so that everything is up to date. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to a computer using the USB that came with your mobile when you bought it. Navigate to ‘apply’, in the lower right hand corner of the iTunes window to sync.  Once this is done, your photos should be saved, and you can browse them in your iTunes photo library.

For Android users

You need is a USB cable, computer and of course your mobile. Connect your mobile to your PC or Mac with the USB cable. You need to use the one that came with your mobile. You will see the ‘USB connected’ notification at top of computer screen. Click on this, then click on Mount. You can then transfer photos by just copying and pasting, and make your own folder and paste the photos into there. 

You can even download an app called Photo Transfer App which easily allows you to transfer photos to computer. 

For Blackberry users

Start by making sure BlackBerry Desktop Manager is installed on your PC. If it isn’t, you can download it from BlackBerry’s website. Next, connect your BlackBerry to your PC using the USB cable that came with your phone. BlackBerry Desktop Manager should launch automatically, but if not, click Start and select program from the list. Once software has launched, select Media Manager from the list of options. From the My Devices selection, click the Picture folder and then select the images you want to transfer to your PC. Now, either select My Media or the tab with a folder icon on it, and then drag these images into the window opposite. They will be now transferred to your PC.