An Introduction to Facebook Privacy


Facebook is now one of the most popular sites on the world wide web, with over 750 million active users and over 200 million of those coming from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Over on our Facebook page, we know that many of you are also Facebook users, and we also know that you would like some help in making sure your account is really secure and can only be seen by your real, offline friends. 

Therefore we have put together this mini guide to keeping your account safe. 

When you have logged in, click ‘Account’ on the right hand side, followed by ‘Privacy preferences’.  

Here you can denote which groups of people can see the content you share.  We advise that you select the ‘friends only option and then click ‘apply these settings’. 



To further customise your settings click this link when logged in. Here you can edit specific settings such as who can see photos and videos that you are tagged in. Simply click ‘Edit Settings’, then click the drop down box and make your selection. To set them as hidden to everyone but yourself click Custom > Make this visible to these people > Only Me and save settings. 

When you have completed this action, your privacy settings will now be displayed as ‘Custom’ - which means all your ‘Only Friends’ settings are retained, and individual settings you choose to modify are also amended. 

These simple changes mean no more surprises about who has seen your Facebook account. 

At Virgin Digital Help we know how quickly the internet world moves, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated of any changes to how these settings work in the future.