PC Mate Explained

 When you have tech problems with your computer, we discovered that 30% of you ask a friend or search online to help you find a solution.

                   PC Mate

Taking this into consideration, we developed PC Mate - your dedicated PC guide to all those niggling issues that can go wrong with your computer. What’s more, PC Mate is completely free (the best part of having a mate, surely?!), and there’s many different ways your virtual mate can help you out every day.

Firstly, PC Mate provides ‘Speed Up’, which removes all the junk from your computer and gets it running really smoothly.

Secondly, PC Mate helps you squish unwanted viruses, with help from our anti-virus specialists AVG.

There are also excellent tips on how to get your browser working more efficiently, and how to make your PC more green.

Finally, and most importantly, when you install PC Mate, you are given access to advice from a real life person - direct from your desktop with our live chat, 24/7.

So, if at 3am you find yourself desperately struggling with something and would rather be in bed, just fire up PC Mate and one of our champs will be on hand to look at your problem, and, if necessary, access your desktop remotely - taking all your stress away!

If you’d like to know about how PC Mate works, we also provide the technical details, helping you to learn as you go.

You can download PC Mate directly from this link