Rogue Antivirus: System Fix

Each week, we’ll be posting another section from the VDH Virus Guide, our comprehensive look at keeping your computer safe while you use the internet. This instalment of the Virus Guide deals with the System Fix virus, a particularly insidious nasty that renders your computer virtually unusable.

Read on, and keep safe!

System Fix

The System Fix virus has a number of symptoms that can panic anyone who doesn’t know what they’re seeing. It may appear during startup and sit on top of other windows, it may hide all of your folders. Symptoms may include:

• Appearing during startup and always on top of other windows 

• Hiding all folders in drive C 

• Blocking all known tools or exe programs and deleting/hiding them after restarting 

• Giving rogue error messages such as the one on the screenshot below 

• Giving file write error messages like: Failed to save all the components for the file \System32\00003c04 

• Giving false hardware failure messages

If you don’t take the threat in hand as soon as possible, you may lose all of the icons and folders from your start menu, your Windows root folder may show as empty, thus crashing your operating system and it could even corrupt all of your .exe applications, meaning nothing on your computer will open.

The System Fix virus is quite a serious deal. Vigilance is essential in keeping your computer safe, so make sure you follow these safety steps:

• Avoid downloading software from torrent and peer-to-peer programs 

• Keep your antivirus updated 

• Refrain from answering random online surveys 

• Delete temporary files 

• Do not open suspicious emails that have attachments

If you’ve stuck to the above and have still been unlucky enough to see the System Fix symptoms on your computer, get help immediately. Your computer will thank you later.